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Mike Bove could not get a higher recommendation from me.  If you are looking for someone who is a self starter and seeks out his own measurements of success; somebody who creates new ideas to solve problems, is constantly seeking new knowledge and challenge, and is a rock solid reliable individual, then Mike is your man.   

Melinda Herndon
CEO, Scuba.com, Inc.

Mike is a person you can count on to get the job done. Mike has the ability to work at all levels and have the support of his staff.  When called upon he can think outside the box to solve the problem.  An asset to any company.

Richard Marinaro
Regional Manager, Cognisa Security

Mike is a true professional in every sense of the word. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Jim Volpe 
Manager, Summit Security Services

I had the distinct pleasure of serving for nearly 5 years with Mike in the US Army, during multiple deployments, where I was able to witness firsthand his devotion to duty, persistence, and unsurpassed work ethic.  Mike was consistently awarded and praised for his competence and overall job performance by senior military and civilian government officials.  As a close friend, a colleague and a brother in arms, I can say without hesitation that Mike Bove is a great man who stands by his word, sets goals and achieves them, and is generally his toughest critic.

Patrick L. Smith
Chief Warrant Officer (CW2), US Army

Mike’s business savvy saved my charter company.  In addition to building my website, Mike worked to help me identify sales opportunities and create a market growth strategy.  In less than a year Mike has more than doubled my revenue stream.  I highly recommend Mike Bove and know he will have a positive impact on any organization. 

Pat Fealy
Owner, Mr. C Dive Charters



Outstanding performance for leading the counterintelligence force protection team which provided critical support to the Minnesota National Guard Security Force and Patriot Task Force rotation.  SGT Bove’s performance of duty in a forward-deployed high threat environment ensured the successful and safe rotation of forces into and out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 


SGT Bove successfully implemented the first Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration (RSOI) force protection measures plan for Task Force 3/8 Cavalry in direct support of Operation Desert Spring.  Based on the initial results of this plan, SGT Bove was specifically selected by his command to implement the same force protection plan for the United States forces stationed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

SGT Bove directed the administrative screening of over 60 Third Country Nationals (TCN) hired to work on United States forces’ installations in the Kuwaiti theater of operations.  As a result of this screening procedure, several of the TCN’s were identified as having unescorted access to the US facilities without the proper background investigative checks.  Since that discovery, the ARCENT command has taken the appropriate measures to correct the force protection issue, ensuring the safety of US forces in Kuwait.

SGT Bove took on the additional responsibilities of the Field Office Southwest Asia Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge, while still maintaining his role as the Kuwait Resident Office Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge.  Through skilled planning and proper time management, SGT Bove successfully completed the tasks of both positions, while maintaining time to mentor peers and subordinates in the fields of MOS proficiency and leadership.

SGT Bove provided force protection teams in a combined effort to the General Support Counterintelligence team, ARCENT, to produce over 15 Force Protection Assessments of local entertainment establishments in Kuwait City.  As a result, these establishments were assessed for their vulnerabilities, location in reference to established safe havens, and overall assessment as a threat to US forces in terms of elicitation, local extremist groups, and civilian populous.


SPC Bove distinguished himself by exceptional meritorious achievement while serving as a team member in the Force Protection Operation Cell.  SPC Bove’s professionalism and maturity were crucial to the success of FPOC operations.  SPC Bove learned to perform counterintelligence (CI) force protection source operations, which is outside the purview of his military occupational specialty.  He performed these duties in an exemplary manner.  SPC Bove’s “can do” attitude, willingness to learn and initiative helped create a total team concept.  Specialist Bove projected an exemplary image of the United States Army at all times.  His performance far exceeded the expectations placed upon him by his entire chain of command in the FPOC.  His professionalism, leadership, and guidance are of the highest caliber in the military service. 


During SGT Bove’s tenure at A Co, 202nd MI BN, he served with distinction as an outstanding team leader.  His ability to lead soldiers and motivate them to train and complete the mission has resulted in A Co being a unit which has been recognized throughout the military intelligence community as the premiere interrogation element.  SGT Bove also helped develop the Mobile Interrogation Team standard operating procedure manual, a lasting document which set forth all procedures for the Mobile Interrogation Team in the future. 

SGT Bove was the operations NCOIC during the exercise Southern Knight 2000, the premiere interrogation exercise for the Department of Defense, and was responsible for coordinating enemy prisoner of war source flow for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Reserve Component personnel.  SGT Bove’s expertise in interrogation operations and his ability to serve in a position above his grade resulted in an outstanding training exercise for all of the soldiers, sailors, and marines involved.

SGT Bove was an integral leader in the preparation for the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence inspection in 2000.  SGT Bove’s dedication and expertise undoubtedly led to the company winning the army award for light companies, and he travelled to Washington, D.C. to receive the award on behalf of the company, from General Shinseki, the United States Army Chief of Staff.

SGT Bove served as a Mobile Interrogation Team Leader during exercise Gator Forge 2000, in which his team was able to send data using the CHATS over a SINCGARS radio.  SGT Bove’s team was the first to ever accomplish this task.  His technical and tactical proficiency, as well as his ability to lead soldiers to mission accomplishment demonstrated his overall desire to take care of the soldiers in his care.

SPC Bove went beyond the responsibility of his rank by preparing and teaching over 100 Human Intelligence Collectors on the Counterintelligence/HUMINT Automated Tool System (CHATS) and the proper format for the Knowlegebility Brief (KB).  SPC Bove also performed the duties as NCOIC of the Interrogation Control Element (ICE) in the absence of the NCOIC during Southern Knight 2000. 

PFC Bove worked with a translation team translating Persian Farsi documents.  PFC Bove went above and beyond the call of duty by working at night and on several weekends.  Almost one quarter of the total man-hours done by PFC Bove were accomplished by working after hours and on the weekends.

PFC Bove exhibited leadership above his rank and exercised initiative in building a several hundred word vocabulary list of Persian Farsi medical terms, used a makeshift dictionary because a real Persian/English medical dictionary wasn’t available.  This listing was used in helping translate Persian Farsi medical documents that arrived months after the original documents were completed. 

PFC Bove exhibited technical proficiency in developing a format for the translated text that included time sequencing and picture footnotes with explanations.  This format was made into the standard template for all documents of this type, and has been implemented successfully in additional Persian Farsi and Arabic documents. 

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