Mike with ShadesMike was born in Sin City...the City of Lights...the Strip...Glitter Gulch. If you haven't figured it out by now, do a little research. It's good for the soul! Born in the 7th month of 77, you can bet the old folks were kissing this baby for luck! It was nothing but craps those first couple of years, when his parents decided to play roulette and move to the east coast. Mike spent his formative years in New York, wrestling, playing the saxophone and lacrosse while at East Islip High School. In 1996 he joined the United States Army. Trained as an interrogator and a Persian Farsi linguist, Mike spent the majority of his enlistment stationed at Fort Gordon, Georgia. The opportunity to travel abounded while in the military. During his five-year stint, Sergeant Bove spent time in Missouri, California, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and even Paris, France (but only for the better part of a day)!

Mike is PerplexedAfter completing his service to his country, Mike moved back up to New York, just days after the tragic events of September 11. Mike returned to Suffolk Community College determined to complete the degree he started five years earlier. After receiving his degree in Liberal Arts, Mike decided to move to the glorious state of Washington (as part of the incremental plan to live in California). In August of 2005 Mike attended Halls Institute of International Diving, located in the gorgeous Florida Keys. It was here that Mike learned the ins and outs of being a scuba instructor, receiving certifications as a recreational and technical instructor, and a certified repair technician. Upon graduation, Mike was immediately recruited by Scuba.com, one of the largest online retailers of scuba gear in the world. He jumped at the opportunity to move to Southern California. While at Scuba.com, Mike earned the street version of his Masters in dive equipment, selling over a million dollars worth of gear for the organization.

Mike Decided to Remove His Hair For This Picture!Mike is driven and completely focused on his acting career. In 2008, Mike was cast as a sideline reporter in the pilot episode of Divorce Party, a reality show produced by Bobby Goldstein Productions. Prior to acting, Mike tried just about every other job out there. Ironically, it was on the Divorce Party set that Mike fell in love with acting, realizing that this was his true calling. With an insatiable desire to be in front of the camera, Mike is a graduate of The Acting Corps' Actors’ Boot Camp I and II. In addition, he studied improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade and the Groundlings and stand-up comedy, with Judy Carter. Mike is also developing a children’s show, which he will begin pitching to production companies in 2011. Mike is also growing his scuba business, PacScuba, serving Los Angeles and Orange County. He is also into web design, building such sites as this one, www.michaelbove.com, www.pacscuba.com, www.mrcscuba.com and www.novelbanter.com, to name a few! He recently graduated from the University of Phoenix with a BS in Business / Communications.

When not bogged down with projects or teaching scuba courses, Mike loves to be in the water on his surfboard, diving, and riding his bike around Huntington Beach.